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The OUGS theatre group Praxis aims to bring the Greek spirit to Oxford by performing plays in Modern Greek. To the best of our knowledge, our début, Internal Affairs, was the first ever modern Greek play, performed in Greek with English surtitles, to be performed in Oxford.


11-13 June 2015 – The Building

Our coming production – details to follow soon!


14-17 May, 2014 – Internal Affairs

Internal AffairsInternal Affairs, based on Εσωτερικαί Ειδήσεις (Esoterikai Eidiseis) by Marios Pontikas, directed and adapted by Manos Tsotras, is a satirical modern Greek play of particular relevance to the current situation both in Greece and in Europe as a whole.

The play ran from 14-17th May, 2014 at the Michael Pilch Studio, Jowett Walk, Oxford, OX1 3TL.

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