Greek Dances

Dear dancers,

This is our weekly invitation to Greek Dances on Monday 7th April in Dorfman Centre at St Peter’s College (map), New Inn Hall Street OX1 2DL, starting at 19.30.
This week we show dances from Peloponese, Macedonia, Thrace, Smyrna, Propontida, Crete and the Aegean islands:

1. Kalamatianos from Peloponese
2. Raikos from Macedonia
3. Tremouliastos from Thrace
4. Mpaintouska from Thrace
5. Xesyrtos from Thrace
6. T’Antipera from Ipirus
7. Zaxaroula from Ipirus
8. Fesoderbenagas from Ipirus
9. Tsirigotikos from Kithira
10. Pentozalis from Crete

For videos and information of the dances we show please click here.