Greek Dancing

We hold Greek dancing classes on Mondays at 8pm.

We cover all kinds of dances, from the Peloponese to Macedonia, from Thrace to Smyrna, from Crete to the Aegean islands. To list just a few:

Kalamatianos from Peloponese
Raikos from Macedonia
Tremouliastos from Thrace
Mpaintouska from Thrace
Xesyrtos from Thrace
T’Antipera from Ipirus
Zaxaroula from Ipirus
Fesoderbenagas from Ipirus
Tsirigotikos from Kithira
Pentozalis from Crete

For videos and information of the dances we show please click here.

In Michaelmas 2014, with the help of a grant from the OU Students’ Union, we held a special dance workshop with a professional tutor from the foremost foundation promoting Greek folk culture and dancing, the Lykeion ton Ellinidon (London branch). The link established with the Lykeion will allow for further events in the future.