About Us

The Oxford University Greek Society (OUGS) was first registered with the University of Oxford proctors in 1968. The aim of the society is to bring students from both Greece and Cyprus together for cultural, social and academic gatherings – providing both support for students and an opportunity to network with both fellow students and society guests from both Greece and further afield.

OUGS works towards:

  • Fostering awareness and appreciation of Greece within the University of Oxford.
  • Creating a support network for students from Greece, and those with Greek connections.
  • Promoting the culture of Greece including language, literature, visual arts, music, the performing arts, and sport, in the spirit of inclusivity and with the goal of mutual understanding.
  • Organizing events related to Greece to be accessible to students and staff.

The society helps us to share our rich culture and heritage with those around us. For this the society constantly tries to furthermore strengthen current ties with other societies and organizations and always looks forward to create new ones.

Our Society’s constitution can be found here