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Welcome to the new website for the Oxford University Greek Society (OUGS). This is the main source for information about our society and the events organized by it. Explore the website to learn more about our current and past events as well as to find information and contact details regarding the society itself and Oxford.

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2014 Elections results

Dear all,

On Saturday 8th March, we had our annual elections and the Apokriatiko party. Both where a success and thank you all for joining us. Below are the election results.

Number of total voters: 15

Number of rejected votes: 0


Position                     Name                                  Votes                    RON

President                   Lycourgos Sophoulis        15                           0

Secretary                   Alexander Breton              12                           3

Treasurer                   Tanya Pankratova             14                           1

Social Secretary        Afroditi Pekou                   15                           0

Sports Secretary       Alan Knapman                   15                           0

*RON: Re-open nominations

The new committee will take over from Trinity Term 2014.

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Annual Society Meeting(APOKRIATIKO PARTY!!!) and 2014 Elections

Dear Members of the Greek Society,

The annual members’ meeting, where voting for the new committee will take place, is set for:

  • Saturday 8th March 2014 – 19.00
  • St Peter’s College, OX1 2DL, MCR

For more information regarding the elections and the Apokriatiko Party following them please read here

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